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The Wikileaks saga


Over the last few weeks, the world has been shaken by the latest batch of leaks being released by Wikileaks. This organization has been around since 2006 and has, thus far, relied on the anonymous help of people with access to confidential information – the leakers – to release information in its various forms out to the open public, through the modern means of mass communication.

The events following in the wake of the United States diplomatic cables leak, which began on November 28th 2010, have altered this situation.

Now that this website is ready for usage, I will begin writing about this subject and the context in which it is developed.

Expect to hear arguments from both sides, and feel free to provide yours at your leisure, in an orderly fashion. Despite being quite partial for Wikileaks’ cause, mission, and modus operandi, I am still actively researching resources on the internet for all sort of data.

Do not expect to find mere mirrors of the new leaks here.

One of the big discussion topics that has been on the table since Wikileaks and its actions have become dominant in the world’s headlines, lies in the discussion of what Wikileaks and its members, supporters and leakers are.

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of saying that there are two sides to this discussion: those that consider Wikileaks to be anarchist terrorists hell-bent on bringing down the United States of America, hence sharing Osama Bin Laden’s main goal in life; and those that consider Wikileaks to be the prophets of the new age, an age of transparency, free speech and bliss and the fall of corrupt governments and institutions.

While the reader, like myself, might find himself leaning towards one or another of these extreme perspectives, the fact is that this is one of those situations where there are many shades of grey. In this series, I will try to explore some of these shades and shed light into what arguments are invoked by those who fit into them.

Let’s begin on the terrorist side of the spectrum, and move towards the hippie side.

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