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Carta aberta de Krugman a Obama


Paul Krugman publicou na Rolling Stone uma extensa carta aberta a Barack Obama, com o título What Obama Must Do – A Letter to the New President.

Na carta Krugman apresenta com maior detalhe as propostas que vem defendendo para lutar contra a crise, tomando como ponto de partida o New Deal de FDR nos anos 30, e fazendo um histórico crítico do que se passou desde essa altura até agora.

Sendo sobretudo um artigo económico que é indispensável ler, no final Krugman não se inibe de falar sobre os negros anos da administração de Bush Jr.:

There is, however, one area where I feel the need to break
discipline. I’m an economist, but I’m also an American citizen
— and like many citizens, I spent the past eight years
watching in horror as the Bush administration betrayed the nation’s
ideals. And I don’t believe we can put those terrible years behind
us unless we have a full accounting of what really happened. I know
that most of the inside-the-Beltway crowd is urging you to let
bygones be bygones, just as they urged Bill Clinton to let the
truth about scandals from the Reagan-Bush years, in particular the
Iran-Contra affair, remain hidden. But we know how that turned out:
The same people who abused power in the name of national security
20 years ago returned as part of the team that, under the second
George Bush, did it all over again, on a much larger scale. It was
an object lesson in the truth of George Santayana’s dictum: Those
who refuse to learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.

That’s why this time we need a full accounting. Not a witch
hunt, maybe not even prosecutions, but something like the Truth and
Reconciliation Commission that helped South Africa come to terms
with what happened under apartheid. We need to know how America
ended up fighting a war to eliminate nonexistent weapons, how
torture became a routine instrument of U.S. policy, how the Justice
Department became an instrument of political persecution, how
brazen corruption flourished not only in Iraq, but throughout
Congress and the administration. We know that these evils were not,
whatever the apologists say, the result of honest error or a few
bad apples: The White House created a climate in which abuse became
commonplace, and in many cases probably took the lead in
instigating these abuses. But it’s not enough to leave this reality
in the realm of things “everybody knows” — because soon
enough they’ll be denied or forgotten, and the cycle of abuse will
begin again. The whole sordid tale needs to be brought out into the

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