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“Soft powers” e “hard powers”


Pode-se ceder nos “soft powers”, desde que se resguardem os “hard powers”. Do blog de Dany Rodrik, “Isn’t the WTO just so amazing?”:

 “The US must do more to eliminate billions of dollars in illegal subsidies to its cotton farmers” writes the FT. Who says?  A dispute resolution panel of the World Trade Organization. And guess what: the U.S. may well grumble and choose to appeal, but in the end, it will have to act. Just as it did on earlier occasions, when it had to bring its tax regime and environmental regulations into line with WTO rules following similar procedures.
Whether you like it or not, the WTO is the only international organization in existence that actually makes the U.S. do what it would not otherwise have done on its own. No other organization has such power. I would love it if somebody would come up with a sensible story as to why the U.S. has ceded so much power in trade, while zealously guarding its sovereignty and right to unilateral action in every other domain.

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