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Não à bomba – mas apenas no Irão


Vale a pena ler o artigo de George Mombiot no Guardian de ontem, 20 de Novembro, e também disponível no seu site,

Mombiot faz um histórico breve do segredo de Polichinelo que constitui a posse de armas nucleares por Israel, desde os anos sessenta, e argumenta sobre a eficácia (para não falar da honestidade) das políticas de dois pesos e duas medidas precisamente na zona do globo onde um conflito mais facilmente pode passar de quente a tórrido.

Algumas passagens:

“George Bush and Gordon Brown are right: there should be no nuclear
weapons in the Middle East. The risk of a nuclear conflagration could
be greater there than anywhere else. Any nation developing them should
expect a firm diplomatic response. So when will they impose sanctions
on Israel?”


I believe that Bush and Brown – who maintain their nuclear arsenals in
defiance of the non-proliferation treaty – are in no position to
lecture anyone else. But if, as Mr Bush claims, the proliferation of
such weapons “would be a dangerous threat to world peace”, why does
neither man mention the fact that Israel, according to a secret
briefing by the US Defense Intelligence Agency, possesses between 60
and 80 of them?


Whenever other states have tried to press Israel to join the nuclear
non-proliferation treaty, the US and European governments have blocked
them. Israel has also exempted itself from the biological and
chemical weapons conventions.
By refusing to sign these treaties, it ensures that it needs never
be inspected. While the IAEA’s inspectors crawl round Iran’s factories,
put seals on its uranium tanks and blow the whistle when it fails to
cooperate, they have no legal authority to inspect facilities in


So when will our governments speak up? When will they acknowledge that
there is already a nuclear power in the Middle East, and that it
presents an existential threat to its neighbours? When will they admit
that Iran is not starting a nuclear arms race, but joining one? When
will they demand that the rules they impose on Iran should also apply
to Israel?

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