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Independence Day


Mas hoje é também o feriado nacional dos Estados Unidos.

Para além de saudar todos os americanos (como se convencionou chamar aos cidadãos dos Estados Unidos, o que os outros americanos – do Canadá à Terra do Fogo – não gostam lá muito), queria aconselhar o artigo do Michel Moore no Los Angeles Times de hoje. E não resisto a citar algumas questões que ele coloca aos seus concidadãos:

“Are you proud that one in six children lives in poverty in America?

Are you proud that 40 million adult Americans are functional illiterates?

Are you proud that the bulk of the jobs being created these days are low- and minimum-wage jobs?

Are you proud of asking your fellow Americans to live on $5.15 an hour?

Are you proud that, according to a National Geographic Society survey, 85% of young adult Americans cannot find Iraq on the map (and 11% cannot find the United States!)?

Are you proud that the rest of the world, which poured out its heart to us after Sept. 11, now looks at us with disdain and disgust?

Are you proud that nearly 3 billion people on this planet do not have access to clean drinking water when we have the resources and technology to remedy this immediately?

Are you proud of the fact that our president sent our soldiers off to a war that had nothing to do with the self-defense of this country?”


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